Camino Francés

Orreaga/Roncesvalles - Zubiri

21’5 km Difficulty
After a day in the mountains, this stage covers fields, forests and villages interspersed with long flat stretches. The Camino leaves Roncesvalles towards the N-135 and takes a detour through the forest of Sorginaritzaga. Back onto the N-135, the path goes into Auritz/Burguete, where several river channels meet to flow in the Urrobi River.

The valley of Erro welcomes pilgrims to the town of Aurizberri/Espinal, located some 6 kilometres away from the departure point. The path goes up to the peak of Mezkiritz, where a carved image of the Virgen de Roncesvalles can be found. Special attention has to be paid to the yellow Camino signs, as there are detours, and the goal is to reach Bizkarreta/Gerendian after 12 kilometres.

In the heart of the valley lies the village of Lintzoain with slopes that go up 4 kilometres to finally reach the peak of Erro. From here, there are 3 kilometres left to descend, crossing the bridge of Rabia over the river Arga until arrival at Zubiri.

Tips from our postmen and women

“If you happen to cross this area during the autumn, the whole north of Navarre has an abundance and variety of mushrooms and game. It is always a good idea to order such in local seasonal dishes or buy some of these products. If you do not want to carry them, you can always send them home through Correos”. Irma Uribarri, Correos of Aribe-Luzaide-Valcarlos.