Camino del Norte

Donostia/San Sebastián - Zarautz

20,5 km Difficulty
The renowned Paseo de la Concha is the starting point for this section before you climb Monte Igueldo. There are some spectacular views over the Bay of Biscay along this path, connecting several times with the road to Orio, where the Romanesque church of San Martín de Tours is located.

Orio is at the mouth of the River Oria and you can see the church of San Nicolás de Bari and the Information Centre (Centro de interpretación) on the Camino de Santiago in the old town. This place still preserves its medieval structure almost intact. You have to cross the bridge over the Orio and while pilgrims on bicycle follow the roads by the ria, those on foot have to follow the path to the hillock of Zarautz, where they start descending towards the village of the same name with some amazing views.

Zarautz is the preferred village for surfers in the area and is usually full of tourists in the summer. There you will find Santa María la Real, with its Gothic church, the Torre and several archaeological sites.


Tips from our postmen and women

“While in the English-speaking world chefs like Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver have become the talk of the town, in Spain we have had Karlos Arguiñano for much longer. He has a hotel and a restaurant in Zarautz. There, or in any of the other food spots in the area, you can try the local wine, the txakoli de Getaria. This type of wine has become popular in recent years, especially as an aperitif. Some of the most important wine producers are in this town”. Txema Fernandez, Correos of Zarautz.