The Sanabria Way

Section 6. Lubián - A Gudiña (24 km)

You leave Lubián crossing the village on its lower side for 2 kilometres, also crossing the River Tuela and going under the A-52 up to the 18th-century chapel of Tuiza. You have to cross the river again before you start climbing towards A Canda, the pass between Castilla y León and Galicia.

Then you continue walking across the municipality of A Mezquita up to the village of A Canda, at 1,165 metres. The Camino goes past the villages of Vilavella, O Pereiro and O Cañizo.

After that, you will be walking close to the N-525 to A Gudiña, where pilgrims have all services and where you can see the churches of San Martiño, of rural Galician Romanesque style, and that of San Pedro.

The Área Panorámica de A Gudiña is a visitors' centre with two exhibitions, one of typical local produce, and the other of current Galician crafts of all trades (pottery, silversmiths, lace, wood carving, forging...).

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El consejo del cartero

““The blessed Sebastián de Aparicio was born in A Gudiña and you can still see the ruins of his home”. Sara Lubián, Correos of A Gudiña.
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Oficina de Correos de A Gudiña
Rúa Beato Sebastián de Aparicio, 60
32540 Gudiña, A, Ourense
+34 988 421 109

Oficina de Turismo de A Gudiña
Rúa Beato Sebastián de Aparicio
32540 A Gudiña, Ourense
+34 988 594 003

Centro de Salud de A Gudiña
Carretera Madrid s/n
32001, Ourense
+34 988 421 225

Guardia Civil de A Gudiña
Rúa Corredoira
32540 A Gudiña, Ourense
+34 988 421 004