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Twelve months sharing values on the Camino de Santiago

We say goodbye to the initiative 'The Values of the Camino in 12 Months,' featuring the essential aspects of the Jacobean Route

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Hospitaleros: the angels of the Way of Saint James

Today we close the initiative "The Values of the Way in 12 Months" talking about the welcome with its protagonists: the hospitaleros


León, Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2018

Cecina, botillo, blood sausage and shortbread...We recommend some of the star products of León’s pantry, a Feast Fit for Kings.


The postman's tips: what to see in the Northern Way

We travel the Cantabrian coast from Irún to Santiago de Compostela accompanied by our postmen to advise you which places you can not miss to enjoy the route.


Manuel G. Vicente: Hospitality is the essence of the Camino

The Galician photographer Manuel G. Vicente shares a photographic radiography of the Camino de Santiago and the hospitality workers who fill it with fraternity and solidarity with the Camino con Correos.


Kumano Way and Way of Saint James, a journey from the Rising Sun to the Setting Sun

They share a common history of faith, a rich tradition of pilgrimage and routes with an important historical, cultural and spiritual heritage. They are the World Heritage Roads.


Goodbye 2017: twelve months sharing the Camino de Santiago

2017 will remain in the memory as a historical year. A few hours after the end, we look back and relive all those moments we have shared with you on the Camino de Santiago.


Spirituality, the engine of the Camino de Santiago

There is a physical Camino de Santiago, which you travel kilometre by kilometre, and a spiritual or internal one, which allows for an encounter with oneself


Andrew Larkin, the pilgrim number 300,000

He's from Michigan. He's 22 years old. And he just made history on the Camino de Santiago by becoming the 300,000th pilgrim.


¡Buen Camino! This is our wish at Correos! – that pilgrims can fully enjoy their Camino and discover new places, histories, people and experiences through our postcards.

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