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The Way of St. James: The Northern Way Stamp by Stamp

Correos, the Spanish postal service, pays homage to the Camino del Norte (The Northern Way) with a booklet made up of eight stamps with images of significant places on el Camino and the outline of the Cantabrian Coast.

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Tips for a safe St. James's Way

Follow the signs, take only the bare essentials, keep any eye on your belongings, avoid carrying large amounts of cash... Here's a few tips for a safe Camino de Santiago (St. James's Way).


A Way full of values

One hundred students from 20 universities around the world have traveled the Way of Saint James to promote cultural understanding and sustainable tourism


Aymeric Picaud arrives in Korea

We review the history of the Aymeric Picaud Awards before awarding the writer Kim Nam Hee, responsible of the popularity of the Camino de Santiago in Korea


Following the footprints of the Camino in Germany

Correos participates from 7 to 11 March at the ITB in Belin, the most important tourism fair in the world. We took advantage of our stay there to analyse the importance of the Camino de Santiago in Germany, the second foreign country with the most pilgrims each year, and from which 50 Jacobean Routes depart. 


Jacobean stamps, companions of the Camino

Santiago de Compostela, the goal of all Jacobean roads and routes is the image of the new stamp that Correos now has in circulation. We're taking advantage of this incorporation to the Jacobean stamp family to tell you about the long and storied relationship between the Camino de Santiago and philately.


Navigating the Camino: pilgrimage to Santiago by sea

Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela by sea. This is 'Sail the Way' Jacobean Route, in which the pilgrim makes his or her pilgrimage not on foot, bicycle or horseback but on the seas.


The most famous pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago

Today we travel the Way of Saint James visiting the main sculptures, statues, monuments and figures dedicated to the pilgrim


Twelve months sharing values on the Camino de Santiago

We say goodbye to the initiative 'The Values of the Camino in 12 Months,' featuring the essential aspects of the Jacobean Route


¡Buen Camino! This is our wish at Correos! – that pilgrims can fully enjoy their Camino and discover new places, histories, people and experiences through our postcards.

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