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Ten useful tips to prepare for the Camino de Santiago in 2018

Which route to choose, what to do with your backpack, how to send your bicycle, what to bring...Today we're offering 10 tips to plan your route and enjoy the Camino as much as possible.

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American Pilgrims, the helping hand of the Camino de Santiago in the United States

We talked with George Greenia, founder of the American Pilgrims on the Camino, the largest community of pilgrims in the United States


The scallop, from tasty delicacy to pilgrim's symbol

From drinking glass to symbol of Venus. Today we discover why the scallop became the pilgrim's emblem with Carina Regueiro, authors of the book Estrelas da despensa galega


Fairway as the best showcase of the Camino de Santiago

Correos participated in the largest fair of the Camino, presenting services such as Paq Mochila, Paq Bici or Paq Peregrino and handed out the awards for the Values of the Camino in 12 Months


Complete guide to enjoying Fairway, the largest fair on the Camino de Santiago

Exhibitions, photography, gastronomy, humour...Ten plans that you cannot miss when enjoying Fairway, which starts this Sunday in Santiago de Compostela.


O Cebreiro, the town of the Camino

Today we visit O Cebreiro, the main entry way for pilgrims to Galicia, and talk to José Valiña about its importance on the Camino.


Marcelino Oreja: The pilgrim is the synthesis of our history

The former Secretary General of the Council of Europe reviews the influence of the Camino de Santiago on the continent and vindicates its values and role as a union between cultures.


Ángel Trabada: "Elías Valiña would be proud to see what the Camino has become"

We speak with the president of the Associatión of Friends of the Camino de Santiago of the Province of Lugo, that celebrates its 30th anniversary receiving the Camino de Santiago 2017 Prize.


Thirty Years of the Camino as the First European Cultural Route

October 23, 1987, the Council of Europe distinguished the highly symbolic role of the Xacobea Route in the construction of Europe. Three decades later, we analysed what this recognition represented with José Antonio Ortiz, director of Peregrino magazine.


¡Buen Camino! This is our wish at Correos! – that pilgrims can fully enjoy their Camino and discover new places, histories, people and experiences through our postcards.

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