The Winter Way

From Ponferrada to Santiago de Compostela. 10 sections. 263 kilometres.

The beautiful town of Ponferrada, historically linked to the Knights Templar, is the starting point for the Camino de Invierno or Winter Way that goes through the valley of the river Sil as the natural gateway to Galicia throughout the centuries. This is a beautiful route, with lots of nature and breath-taking landscapes, which at the same time avoids climbing the high peak of O Cebreiro, a strenuous and almost impossible mission in the winter.

This route initially followed an ancient Roman road as the historic alternative for a more accessible entry point to Galicia. This is a good option for rainy weather and snow, although pilgrims increasingly favour this route in the spring and summer when it is lush and green. 

The Winter Way is less crowded than other routes, and, therefore, the walk will be quieter and in solitude. It does have, however, good signage and a network of hostels and accommodation in the final stage of each section. 

Besides, this Camino runs through the valley of El Bierzo, and is the only Camino going through the four Galician provinces: it enters Galicia through Valdeorras, in the province of Ourense, to move into the South of Lugo and from there to Pontevedra and A Coruña. The landscape on the way is its best asset: you will be walking through the Médulas (an amazing Roman mine), you will meander along the Canyons of the river Sil or climb to the Alto do Faro - all of those are unique experiences for pilgrims.

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How to get to the starting point?

Here you have different options to reach Ponferrada, the starting point of the Winter Way.

- How to get to Ponferrada by train: From Madrid, there are two trains to Ponferrada departing from Chamartín station. They are the “Regional” and the “Atlántico”, you can check prices and timetables at Renfe (Ph: 902 240 202).

- How to get to Ponferrada by bus: There are buses from different Spanish cities and towns arriving at Ponferrada’s bus station daily. You can check the different routes and timetables calling +34 987 401 065. Other connections are available from León (+34 987 211 000).

- How to get to Ponferrada by car: There are 114 kilometres from León to Ponferrada, it takes one hour and a quarter by car, driving on the A-6, then on the AP-71 and going past Astorga. From Madrid to Ponferrada there are 390 kilometres, you need 3 hours and 40 minutes on the A-6.

- How to get to Ponferrada by plane: The closest airport to Ponferrada is in León, with daily flights from Madrid and Barcelona. From there, you can take a taxi to the city (around 14 Euros) and then other means of transportation to Ponferrada.

Confraternity Sites

Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago del Bierzo
Avda. del Castillo, 106
Ponferrada, 24401
Teléfono: +34 987 419 283

Asociación Cultural "Camiños a Santiago pola Ribeira Sacra"
Rúa Historiador Germán Vázquez, 15
Monforte, 27400

Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago de la Provincia de Lugo
Praza Comandante Manso, 11
Lugo, 27002

Asociación Amigos del Camino de Santiago por Valdeorras
Urbanización Hnos. Losada, 15 ( Casa da Cultura)
A Rúa, 32350


We transfer your rucksack

So that you can travel light along the Way


We transfer your rucksack or suitcase from accommodation to accommodation!! In this way, you can walk more comfortably, unburdened, and enjoying every step of the Way. We will take your luggage every day to your next hostel or hotel.


Bicycle transportation services 

We send your bicycle to your starting or finishing point


Decide where you want to start the Camino and we will send your bicycle there from any of our Correos offices. Once you finish the Way you can again go to the nearest post office and send it back home. We send your bicycle neatly packaged and insured in a way that you need not disassemble it.


Luggage transfer

For everything you want in or out of your rucksack 


With our Paq Peregrino you can send suitcases or parcels to any point in the Camino -hostel, hotel, Correos office, etc. - so that your stuff is there when you arrive. This way you can have extra clothes or other items and not only the ones you take for your walk. You can also send back whatever you may have in your rucksack for the Camino that you no longer need.


Prepaid Card

So that you have nothing to worry about other than just enjoying the Camino 


In Correos we have a prepaid card that is not linked to any bank account. In this way, you can do the Camino without taking your credit or debit cards with you. You will only have to top it up with the money you need and then top up again if you run out of balance. This is a simple, safe and comfortable way of taking your money along the Camino.



Stamping Your Credencial

So that you have the best stamps on your Pilgrim's Passport 

Correos offices along the Way stamp your Credencial or Pilgrim's Passport with our special stamps. Many of them display a significant tourist attraction of that particular place for you to keep as a souvenir.



Sending parcels on the Camino de Santiago 

Send your parcels without having to come to our Correos offices!


You can send a parcel from any of the over one-hundred CORREOS offices located along the Way and from some of our “Tiendas Amigas del Camino”, a network of shops and accommodations from where you can send parcels any time you want. This service will help you get rid of the content of your luggage that you no longer need, buy some souvenirs, typical products... without having to worry about carrying them with you. 



Lockers in Santiago

So that you can freely visit the Cathedral or enjoy the city

Our Pilgrim's Office at Rúa do Franco, 150 metres from the Plaza del Obradoiro, has lockers. You can leave your rucksack, suitcase, bike, trekking pole... before you go into the Cathedral or to visit Santiago without having to worry about your luggage.


Correos Offices

To help you with anything you may need 


We have over 150 Correos offices along all the Caminos. We will be delighted to welcome you and help you with anything you need.